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Learn how to beat Longma in Blox Fruits with this comprehensive guide. Get tips on optimizing your character with the right fruit and equipment, using observation haki to dodge attacks, and coordinating with your team for maximum success. Gain access to a 50,000 bounty and the Tushita sword after defeating Longma with ease.

Are you looking for a challenge in Blox Fruits? Well, look no further than Longma, the toughest boss in the game. Longma is a giant sea dragon that is located in the Sky Island arc, and they are one of the toughest bosses players can face. With their powerful attacks and swift evasive movements, Longma is a formidable foe and defeating them will require a lot of preparation.

Preparing for The Fight

Before engaging Longma, it is important to make sure your character is well prepared. Level up your character to increase their strength and make sure they are equipped with powerful fruit and equipment including a strong sword and armor. Additionally, make sure to equip observation haki so that you can dodge some of their attacks. Working with a team is recommended for an easier fight, so make sure to assemble a group of powerful players to help you out.

Fighting Longma

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    When fighting Longma, it is important to take advantage of their fast attack speed. Try to attack in the vulnerable periods between their attacks and remember to dodge their charging attack. Coordinate with your team for a greater chance of success. Longma has a lot of health, so make sure you are using your special attacks wisely and timing your attacks well.

    Soloing Longma

    If you are looking to take on Longma alone, remember that they have low HP which makes them easier to solo. Consider grinding bounties to increase your power level before attempting to take on Longma. After defeating them, you will receive a 50,000 bounty and the Tushita sword.

    Longma is a tough challenge, but with the right preparation and strategy, it is possible to beat them. Level up your character, equip them with powerful fruit and equipment, and observe their attack patterns closely. Working with a team is recommended, but it is also possible to solo Longma if you have the right strategy. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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