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This article includes information on How to Catch Bonytongue in Dinkum in the Billabong biome 

What is Bonytongue ?

Bonytongue is a species of fish that can be found in various biomes. It is known for its large, bony tongue and is considered to be one of the rarest species of fish in the world. Furthermore, this species of fish is quite valuable, and can fetch a good price from the Fish Market. As a result, many anglers strive to catch them in order to make some extra money.

How to Catch Bonytongue in Dinkum ?

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    The first step in catching Bonytongue is to buy a fishing rod and bait from John’s Tent. Once you have your equipment, you will need to find the right spot within the Billabongs to cast your line. The best spots to catch Bonytongue are where the water is relatively still, such as near rocks, logs, or other larger objects.

    Once you have found your spot, you will want to use a medium-weight bait, such as worms or small fish. You should also use a slow retrieve and wait for the Bonytongue to take the bait. When you feel the tug on your line, you’ll need to be ready to set the hook and begin the fight!

    Fishing for Bonytongue in Dinkum can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the right equipment, knowledge, and patience, you can have success catching this rare fish. Be sure to check the Billabongs for the best spots to cast your line and remember to use a slow retrieve and set the hook when you feel the tug on your line. Good luck and happy fishing!

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