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This article provides a step-by-step guide on How to Get “Expert Technician” Badge in Roblox DOORS. Learn how to unlock the badge and the rewards associated with it, as well as the overall strategy and tips on how to become an expert technician in Roblox DOORS.

Roblox DOORS is a popular online game that challenges users to navigate their way through a series of puzzles. To progress to the next level, users must solve riddles and complete various tasks. One of the most coveted rewards for completing the game is the Expert Technician Badge. This badge requires players to reach Level 100 and solve the Hotel Breaker Puzzle three times quickly.

How to Unlock the Expert Technician Badge

The first step to unlocking the Expert Technician Badge is to reach Level 100. This can be done by completing challenges, riddles, and puzzles. Once Level 100 is reached, players can access the Hotel Breaker Puzzle. This puzzle requires players to toggle the switches to the numbers indicated by the center light.

Strategies for Solving the Puzzle Fast

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    To solve the Hotel Breaker Puzzle quickly, players need to memorize the numbers and have a systematic approach. Memorizing the numbers can help players save time, as they can quickly toggle the switches without having to look at the panel. It is also helpful to have a systematic approach to solving the puzzle, such as starting from the top and going down. Lastly, players should utilize the timer to make sure they are solving the puzzle as quickly as possible.

    To get the Expert Technician Badge in Roblox DOORS, players must reach Level 100 and solve the Hotel Breaker Puzzle three times quickly. The best strategies for solving the puzzle quickly include memorizing the numbers, having a systematic approach, and utilizing the timer. Earning the Expert Technician Badge is a great accomplishment, as it proves the player’s puzzle-solving skills and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

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