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How to Get Pregnant in Toca Life World is a simulation game of pregnancy. The game is available on the iTunes app store.

Are you ready to have a baby in Toca Life World? This step-by-step guide will help you get pregnant in no time!

Choosing the Character

The first step to getting pregnant in Toca Life World is to choose the character you would like to play as. Carefully consider who you want to be the mother of your virtual baby and take a look at the range of different clothes and accessories available for your character.

Gathering the Necessary Clothing

Once you have made your selection, head over to the white closet. Here, you will find a range of clothes and accessories for your character to wear. Take the items that you need and then you can begin the process of getting pregnant.

Taking the Ultrasound

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    Put your character in the chair for the ultrasound and wait for the baby to appear on the display. If the baby appears on the screen, congratulations – you have completed the pregnancy! If not, simply repeat the steps and try again.

    Customizing the Baby

    The final step in getting pregnant in Toca Life World is to customize your baby. To do this, look at the top left corner of the main menu and press on the pink button. This will open up a new window where you can select the gender and customize the appearance of your baby. Once you have finished, the pregnancy is complete.

    Congratulations – you have successfully had a baby in Toca Life World! Take a look around the world and explore the different locations. You can also build a home for your family, visit the park, and enjoy all the other activities available in Toca Life World.

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