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How to Handcuff Someone in Barotrauma? is a blog about how to handcuff someone in the stomach in order to cause barotrauma.

Barotrauma is a submarine-simulation game that takes place in a hostile environment, where players must explore the depths of the unknown and survive the deadly creatures and obstacles that await them. Handcuffs in Barotrauma are a way of restraining another character in order to prevent them from doing things you don't want them to do. This can be useful when it comes to incapacitating a hostile character and keeping them from doing harm to themselves or others.

Preparing to Handcuff Someone

Before attempting to handcuff another character in Barotrauma, you must first make sure you have a handcuff available. You can find these in the environment by searching around, or you can craft one from a steel bar. You'll also need to make sure that the character you're trying to handcuff is unconscious, as this will make the process much easier. You can achieve this by using a Stun Baton, Stun Gun, or a Syringe Gun containing Chloral Hydrate.

Handcuffing Someone

Once the character is unconscious, the next step is to move the handcuff to their inventory. To do this, simply click on the handcuff and drag it to the character's inventory. Once the handcuff is in their inventory, select the Equip button above the character. This will activate the handcuff, and they will now be unable to move or take any action until the handcuff is removed.

Removing the Handcuffs

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    To remove the handcuffing, you'll need to grab onto the character and select the Unequip button above them. This will deactivate the handcuff and allow you to remove it from their inventory. Once the handcuff is removed, the character will regain their ability to move and take actions.

    Handcuffing someone in Barotrauma can be a useful way to restrain another character and keep them from doing harm. However, it is important to remember to not handcuff yourself in the process, as this could be potentially dangerous. If you're having trouble handcuffing or removing the handcuff from someone, it's always best to ask another character for help.

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