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How to Join a Clan in Warframe. Want to join a clan in Warframe? It's easy! Read this guide to learn how to create and join a clan.

How to Join a Clan

The best place to start when looking to join a clan is the game's chat window. In the chat window, you'll find other players who are looking for clans to join. You can also contact clan representatives and ask to join their clan directly. Another option is to post messages such as “WTJ” (Want to Join) or “LFC” (Looking for Clan) in the chat window, which will help you find potential clans to join. 

Visiting the Clan’s Private Dojo

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    Once you have been accepted to a clan, you will need to visit the clan’s private dojo. The dojo is where clan members interact and play together, so it is important to become familiar with the dojo. However, before you can enter the dojo you need to forge a dojo key. This is a simple process that requires some resources and a few minutes of your time. Once you have obtained the dojo key, you are ready to join the clan and begin enjoying the benefits of being part of the team. 

    Creating Your Own Clan

    If you don't find a clan that meets your needs, you can always start your own. To do this, you will need to name your clan and then start sending out invites to your friends and other Warframe players. You can also post in the game's chat window, letting other players know that you are looking for members to join your clan. Once you have enough members, you can start building your own private dojo for your clan and get ready to take on more challenging missions and activities together.

    Joining a clan in Warframe can greatly enhance your gaming experience and open up a world of possibilities. To join a clan, you can look in the game’s chat window, contact clan representatives, or post messages in the chat window asking to join a clan. You will then need to forge a dojo key and visit the clan’s private dojo. If you don’t find a clan that meets your needs, you can always start your own. The benefits of joining a clan go beyond just playing together and include making new friends, accessing more in-game activities, and building your experience points.


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