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How to solve Memo with Code in Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse? A quick and easy guide on how to solve the puzzle in the Main Game.

If you’ve ever played the survival horror game Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (FFMLE), you may be familiar with the Memo with Code puzzle. This puzzle is found in the game’s fifth chapter where protagonist Choshiro must solve the puzzle in order to progress in the game. The puzzle consists of a memo with a grid of numbers and a highlighted text. 

Overview of Puzzle

The Memo with Code puzzle consists of a red highlighted text, a grid of numbers, and a box at the bottom of the screen prompting the player to enter a three-digit code. The numbers in the grid appear to be randomly placed and don’t appear to add up to any specific number.

Steps for Solving the Puzzle

In order to solve the Memo with Code puzzle, players must pay close attention to the highlighted red text in the memo. By multiplying two and seven, the result is 14 and adding one brings the answer to 15. Both the top two rows in the puzzle add up to 15 - the bottom row must also be fifteen. If you're still having trouble, try two, seven, and six.

Results of Solving the Puzzle

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    Once the puzzle is solved, Choshiro will be able to move the bookcase and enter a creepy new room with slower and less threatening ghosts.

    Solving the Memo with Code puzzle in Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse can be tricky, but by paying attention to the highlighted text, multiplying two and seven and adding one, the result should be fifteen. The top two rows of the puzzle should add up to fifteen and the bottom row should also be fifteen. Once the puzzle is solved, Choshiro can move the bookcase and gain access to a new room.

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