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Find out how to awaken Magma Fruit in King Legacy. If you want to use the Awakened Magma move, you have to have the fruit.

Magma Fruit is an incredibly powerful item in King Legacy, with a 100 rating, granting players high damage and area-affecting attacks. Obtaining the Fruit is a difficult process, as it only spawns every 1-2 hours in various areas of the game, but you can purchase a Position Game Pass to tell you where the Fruit is located.

Awakening Magma Fruit

The Awakening of the Magma Fruit requires the following materials: 6 Magma shards, 3 Magma pearls, and 1 Magma crystal. All of these items can be gathered through grinding enemies in the game. Once you have acquired the necessary materials, it's time to craft the Fruit.

The crafting of the Fruit requires players to utilize the Magma Forge and the Magma Crucible. The Magma Forge is used to combine the three primary materials - the Magma shards, pearls, and crystals - to create the Awakened Magma Fruit. The Magma Crucible is used to enhance the Fruit, granting additional bonuses to its power.

Finishing Up

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    Once you have successfully crafted the Awakened Magma Fruit, it's time to obtain the move set associated with it. To do this, players must obtain a Magma Move Set scroll, which can be found by defeating certain enemies in the game. Once the scroll has been collected, it must be used to unlock the move set.

    The Awakened Magma move set grants players powerful area-affecting attacks as well as high-damage attacks. Players can utilize this move set in the game by equipping the Magma Fruit to their character.

    Obtaining and Awakening the Magma Fruit is a difficult but rewarding process in King Legacy. With a 100 rating, the Fruit grants players powerful area-affecting attacks as well as high-damage attacks that can be used to dominate opponents in-game. With the right amount of grinding, players can craft and utilize the Awakened Magma move set to their advantage.

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