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​​How to Break Owls in Royal Match is an addictive turn-based puzzle. Destroy the Owls in each level by using power-ups and the best strategy.

Have you ever encountered the Owls in the game of Royal Match? If so, then you know that breaking them is no easy task. Owls are one of the most difficult obstacles in Royal Match, and they can really put a damper on your gaming experience. So how can you break Owls in Royal Match?

What Are Owls in Royal Match?

Owls in Royal Match are special stones that are usually arranged in an X-pattern. They provide a powerful obstacle because they are impervious to ordinary matches. So no matter how many matches you make, the Owls will remain intact.

Why Owls Are Difficult to Break

Unlike regular stones, Owls can't be broken by making matches around them. This means that you have to find a different way to eliminate them. The problem is that Owls are very sturdy, so they can only be destroyed by certain power-ups.

How to Break Owls

The easiest way to break Owls is to use power-ups such as Propeller, Light Ball, Rockets and TNTs. Propeller and Light Ball will provide enough moves to clear the level, while Rockets and TNTs can do massive damage and wipe out multiple Owls with one strike.

Using Power-Ups

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    Power-ups like Propeller and Light Ball are the most efficient way to break Owls. Propeller will allow you to make matches around the Owls, and Light Ball will eliminate the ones that are directly connected to it. This is the simplest way to break Owls, but it does require some luck in order to make the right matches.

    Using Rockets and TNTs

    Rockets and TNTs are the most powerful tools for breaking Owls. Rockets will cause an explosion, which will eliminate any Owls that are in its path. TNTs will have a bigger impact, as they are able to clear an entire row or column of Owls.

    Combining Rockets and TNTs

    When you combine the power of Rockets and TNTs, you can cause an even bigger explosion and clear an entire field of Owls. This technique is especially useful if you are stuck in a difficult level, as it will help you to quickly clear the field and move on to the next level.

    Breaking Owls in Royal Match can be a tricky task, but it is possible with the right power-ups. Propeller and Light Ball are the most efficient way to clear the Owls, but if you need more power, you can combine Rockets and TNTs for a bigger explosion and a more effective way of clearing the Owls. So don’t be afraid of the Owls – use the right tools, and you’ll be able to break them in no time!

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