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This is a post about NBA 2K23 and how to fix NBA 2K23 Cannot Enter Buildings and Stores. This is a post on NBA 2K23 community.

What are Buildings and Stores?

The various buildings and stores in MyCareer mode serve different functions. The Perc-O-Latte coffee shop, for example, is where players can purchase upgrades and items that can enhance their 2K23 experience. The Dreamville store is the place to find gear, accessories, and other items to customize your character and make them unique. The Paint Tattoo shop is where players can get tattoos to show off their style.

How to Fix NBA 2K23 Cannot Enter Buildings and Stores?

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    If you're having difficulty entering buildings and stores in NBA 2K23's MyCareer mode, there are a few potential fixes. Firstly, try waiting in front of the building for a bit, and you may eventually be able to enter it. Additionally, try restarting the game, logging out of your 2k account, and logging back in. You may also want to restart your gaming device to see if that helps. Lastly, make sure you don't have any conflicting quests that are preventing you from entering the buildings and stores.

    We hope these tips and tricks have helped you get around the issue of not being able to enter buildings and stores in NBA 2K23's MyCareer mode. If you're still having issues, try reaching out to the 2K customer service team for further help. Good luck, and have fun playing NBA 2K23!

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