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We help you How to Fix Spider-Man Remastered Controller Not Working.

How to Fix Spider-Man Remastered Controller Not Working?

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    When your controller is not working properly with Spider-Man Remastered on Steam, the first thing you should do is open Steam, and then your Library. From there, you can right-click on Spider-Man Remastered and select Properties. 

    In the Properties window, select the CONTROLLER tab. In the dropdown menu, select OVERRIDE FOR SPIDER-MAN. This will enable the controller to work with the game.

    After that, select "Use default settings" (or Disable Steam Input) to confirm the settings. This should resolve the issue with the controller not working.

    The steps outlined above should resolve any issue you’re having with your controller while trying to play Spider-Man Remastered on Steam. If you still experience any issues, you should try disabling any other controllers you might have connected to your PC. Additionally, you can contact Steam support for further assistance.

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