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Looking for tips on how to play Cyber Space Challenge in Sonic Frontiers? Look no further! This guide covers the basics, benefits of playing, and even includes tricks like the Homing Dash and Drop Dash. 

Welcome to the world of Sonic Frontiers: Cyber Space Challenge! In this exciting game, players have the opportunity to explore an alien world through a variety of challenging levels. This game offers a unique experience that combines elements of both racing and platforming. By mastering a few key techniques, players can take their skills to the next level and achieve a coveted S-Rank.

At the start of each level, Sonic is equipped with a Homing Dash and a Drop Dash. The Homing Dash allows the player to home in on an enemy and quickly boost before Sonic reaches them. This can be useful in tight spaces, where enemies are clustered together. The Drop Dash enables Sonic to quickly drop down and gain a burst of speed. This is very useful in 2D levels, where it can be used to reach higher platforms.

In order to achieve a high score, players must make use of the Homing Dash and Drop Dash tricks to their advantage. The Homing Dash trick requires the player to home in on an enemy and boost before Sonic reaches them. This will display an asterisk on the final time, but it has no effect on gameplay. The Drop Dash trick can provide a quicker burst of speed than air or boost, making it especially useful in 2D levels. Additionally, players can use rail launch to gain even more speed.

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    By mastering these techniques, players are able to complete the Cyber Space Challenge with an S-Rank. This is a great way to show off your skill and impress your friends!

    The Cyber Space Challenge in Sonic Frontiers is a great way to experience an alien world. Players can take advantage of the Homing Dash, Drop Dash, and Rail Launch techniques to achieve an S-Rank and show off their skill. With a little practice, anyone can become a master of this exciting game.

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