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Learn How to Beat painter queen challenge in Clash of Clans. Get tips on how to maximize your attack strategy to secure a win against the powerful Painter Queen and her minions. With the right strategy, you can take down this challenging enemy and keep your village safe.

Painter Queen Challenge is a special event in Clash of Clans where players must defeat the powerful Painter Queen. To do so, it takes a special combination of troops and spells. This guide will explain the best troops and spells to use, as well as strategies and battle plans to help you beat the Painter Queen.

First, you’ll need to know the best troops to use in the Painter Queen Challenge. Barbarians are great for triggering traps, while Giants can soak up damage from defenses. Super Goblins and Super Wall Breakers are excellent for breaking through walls, and Balloons can quickly take out air defenses. Healers, Dragons, and Dragon Riders are great for clearing out enemy troops. An Electro Dragon can help with air defenses, while Minions, a Flame Flinger, and an Archer Queen (at level 85) can help take down enemy troops.

To beat the Painter Queen, you’ll also need to know the best spells. Rage spells are great for buffing your troops and helping them take down enemy troops quickly. Freeze spells can help buy time to set up your troops and spells. An Invisibility spell can help your troops get close to the enemy base without being detected. Additionally, Poison spells can wreak havoc on enemy troops.

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    Once you’ve gathered the troops and spells you need, you’ll need a battle plan. Start by triggering traps with Barbarians and then dropping a Sneaky Goblin near a gold mine. This will help you build up your resources. Next, use the Queen Charge and air troops to take out the enemy’s defenses quickly. While the Queen Charge distracts the enemy, have your ground troops attack the enemy troops. Finally, use spells to create an advantage. Have your Archer Queen target air defense to help your air troops stay alive.

    By using the right combination of troops, spells, strategies, and battle plans, you can defeat the Painter Queen in Clash of Clans. With a bit of practice and the right preparation, you can easily beat the Painter Queen and become the champion. Good luck and may the best player win!

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