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This guide will show you how to beat the Painter King Challenge in Clash of Clans. Learn the best strategies to defeat the Painter King and maximize your rewards. Get ready to dominate the challenge and come out the victor!

The Painter King Challenge is a popular challenge in the popular mobile game Clash of Clans. Players must build an army to defeat the Painter King, who is a maxed Townhall 11 opponent. While this challenge is relatively easy compared to other challenges, there are still some strategic steps that players need to take in order to beat the Painter King.

Army Composition

When selecting your army composition for the Painter King Challenge, it is important to remember that you will need a balance between ground and air units. You will also need to select your units wisely in order to maximize their effectiveness.


Plan Ahead

Before starting the Painter King Challenge, it is important to understand the base setup. The Painter King has a maxed Townhall 11 base, so it is important to plan ahead and determine how to best attack the base. It is also important to follow a specific order of attack in order to maximize the effectiveness of your troops.

Attack Plan

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    Once you have your army composition and a plan of attack, it is time to begin the battle. The first step is to use Goblins for the funneling and killing traps, as they can be used to draw enemy troops away from defensive structures. Additionally, use Balloons and Rocket Balloons to take down defensive structures.

    For air defense, use Dragons and Baby Dragons to take out air units, and use Electro Dragons to take out X-Bows and other air defenses. The Barbarian King and Rare Spells can then be used to take out remaining structures. Finally, Freeze Spells can be used to immobilize defenses and Poison Spell and Skeleton Spell can help with the clean-up.

    The Painter King Challenge is a relatively easy challenge to beat, but it still requires strategic planning and army selection. By understanding the base setup and creating an effective attack plan, players can easily beat this challenge. Additionally, players can use Freeze Spells, Poison Spell and Skeleton Spell to help with the clean-up. Finally, players should remember to watch videos and read additional resources for additional tips and tricks.

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